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Taking the standings out of the equation it's good to see a favorite team improve and relax and find themselves again.

Probably bought it as an investment anyway, and it's going to pay off big time. Some wins will build confidence...has for the Royals lately.

This year's free agent market was thin, but there are still several compelling players remaining on the market.

Here's a look at the five most impactful ones and where they could -- or should -- land.

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Still, Hammel, who switched agents in December, projects as a quality back-end arm that could give needed depth to almost any Major League rotation.

Best fit: Tigers Rasmus is an erratic player, but he's also the youngest on this list and an athletic fielder with significant left-handed power.

From 2013 to 2015, his isolated power (slugging minus batting average) was .228, 16th-best in the Majors among players with 1,000 or more plate appearances over those three seasons, and two of the men ahead of him on that list have since retired.

They have higher testosterone levels so sex and sports are the only thing they care about.

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