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As you wander around the internet, you'll find there are many chat rooms or communities that will insist a submissive or especially a slave, seek permission to enter the chat room before she begins to chat.

Often these rooms will expect the submissive slave to state their "asl" (age, sex and location) followed by a request to enter the room.

Ignore the Insta-Dom.- A dominant man will not seem ‘desperate’ for your attention.

Getting dates or getting laid is not his problem; he can find women on kink sites, at work, or in the grocery store. Many women, kink or vanilla, prefer a man who is take-charge both in the bedroom and in life.





"Offending of this type is so serious that even first-time offenders who have pleaded guilty can expect a custodial sentence."Martin was given a jail sentence of three years and two months with a 20-month non-parole, but Judge Slattery said there was good reason to suspend the sentence and impose a 0 two-year bond."Your offending is very serious and I've only come to this point after a period of deep reflection," he said.

If the chat server determines that the invitee is logged on, the chat server forwards the invitation to the invitee at the invitee's network address.

If the invitee user accepts the invitation, the invitee client sends a join message to the invitor client, and the invitor client adds the invitee's user name and client network address to a chat member list.

With that in mind, understand there are idiots and wannabe's out there.

A submissive or slave is under no obligation or commitment to honor the instructions, discipline or domination of anyone except her Dominant.

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