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Of course, when a group of people share a certain belief or trait, they also tend to have certain similarities when it comes to the things they want in a relationship.For example, Christian singles in NZ might expect certain levels of religious belief from a partner, while those over 50 might prioritise older dating opportunities.Being a parent means committing to guide your child through many complicated and difficult stages of life.

Part of this involves introducing our members to men and women who meet relationship expectations – if you’re ready to see if your matches fit the bill then join Elite Singles today!And, as it turns out, attractive people might just have the highest relationship expectations of all.As part of an Elite Singles survey about love and finances, we asked our participating members whether or not they deemed themselves ‘attractive.’ We then gauged the importance they placed on five common relationship expectations: wealth, success, good looks, a sense of humour and intelligence.Everyone has the right to end any relationship at any time, for any reason. We know breakups can be really tough, but just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean anyone failed, or that you don’t ever deserve to be happy in a healthy relationship.To combat the blindsided feeling of breaking up when you thought everything was perfect, it’s important that you and your partner/s respect each other enough to be open and honest about how you each feel.

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