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Wickham-Jones' Guide is extremely helpful in separating the layers out, starting with a series of maps, which show: The chapters of the book take the same approach, with an overview for each block of time and then a description of sites of interest - and accessibility.

She also explores the effects of geography on the Orkney Islands' history.

a" data-cycle-allow-wrap="false" data-cycle-fx="carousel" data-cycle-timeout="4096" data-cycle-speed="1024" data-cycle-carousel-visible="5" data-cycle-carousel-fluid="true" data-cycle-swipe="true" data-cycle-prev="#prev255" data-cycle-next="#next255"Spring in Orkney is a magical time when wildflowers carpet the islands and the days lengthen after the long winter.

The month of May has the second highest average hours of sunshine of the year, after August.

Pictured is an archaeologist examining the recent site Ms Brown made the discovery last Tuesday and after the skull was exposed by the local archaeologist Historic Scotland was called to the scene.

Expert archaeologists worked on the site (pictured) for several days and on Monday the remains were fully removed for carbon dating Shown is a close-up of the child's skull, which was excavated on Sunday.

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By this time the bands of hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic had gradually evolved into an agricultural society Ms Brown believes winter storms are the reason why the child (skeleton pictured) has since been uncovered.Ancient bones found in a Stone Age tomb in the Orkney isles show scrape marks and scratches.One of the fragment, an upper arm bone (pictured left, and origin right), shows almost clinical cutting and repeated scratching patterns (centre images) Archaeologists examining thousands of bone fragments from the sites at Orkney found evidence suggesting bodies were hacked apart and had their flesh removed before they were buried.Wickham-Jones' clear writing, expertise and obvious enthusiasm for her subject make her brand-new 2015 Guide a must-read for anyone drawn to this approximately 70-island-strong historical treasure trove.to see, and one of the confusing things about visiting Orkney is the way remains from so many different historical periods often sit cheek-by-jowl in the landscape.

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