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It could be that his intentions were to send these demeaning photos and text messages to my ex.

My oldest child didn't see the texts but when my ex saw the text messages, she pretended to be my daughter and he continued to send text messages, stating that her mother was a whore.

The police were called after the clothes-free pair were spotted getting frisky in a fenced off area known as the Secret Garden at West Hoe park in Plymouth.

It is unclear whether the couple have been arrested, but police were seen driving away from the scene in a van on Sunday afternoon.

After assurance that there is nothing more serious than an abrasion, your doctor will most likely tightly patch the eye for a day or two after instilling an anesthetic drop and antibiotic ointment.

Very tight patching is indicated for those abrasions that are felt to be essentially clean. Your doctor may also clean and sweep (débride) the area of the abrasion to remove any possible dirty or contaminated tissue.

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In an interview many years later, she recalled she was yelling, Nóng quá, nóng quá ("too hot, too hot") in the picture.Although it is very difficult to see a corneal abrasion with the naked eye, you have to be suspicious of this if you have experienced any of the causes of trauma mentioned above.Along with that is the unrelenting painful feeling that something is in your eye that just won't wash out, plus: Note: If the corneal abrasion heals and then suddenly recurs days later, this may be a sign of recurrent erosion, which requires specific medical care by an eye care professional.If there is an underlying basis for the abrasion, care for this is needed to prevent recurrence.If the abrasion was contact-lens–related, you may be required to be reevaluated regarding your contact lenses as to fit and type.

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