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Oh, that lovely primary pigment works just fine on planet Baab. But when Scorch—Baab's most famous muscle-bound heroic dude—undertakes a perilous rescue mission on planet Earth, things go bad in a hurry.

First he tries to save one of those poofy, wavy, air-filled things that are typically used to attract attention at cheaper car lots. phone home," Scorch is out cold and on his way to Area 51, in the evil clutches of the large and vengeful General Shanker.

Alliances forged, species the player may have doomed and of course, Space Romance.

The ultimate galactic dating simulator tracks all of the player’s friendships, enemies, lovers, and choices and was well known for its long-term rewards and consequences.

Given the universe is some 13 billion years old and NASA/all the international astro-science programs combined have/has not even been able to observe the entirety of the universe, it’s hard to accept that humans are an aberration.

At face value, it’s almost impossible to accept the idea that in the vastness of time and space that Earth is the only place where an intelligent species evolved.

Frank Drake is a leading American astrophysicist and astronomer.

And let's face it, medieval Scottish warriors just don't get to Nevada very often.

To make matters worse, Scorch was apparently Baab's only muscle-bound hero, and there's not really an obvious would-be rescuer within several parsecs. He's the sort of guy who looks left, right, and then left again before crossing the hall to the bathroom.

Scorch's boss, a sea-colored femme fatale type named Lena, seems strangely reluctant to OK a rescue mission. And though he's always helped coordinate Scorch's daring missions from the safety of Baab, the brothers had a bit of a falling out before Scorch took off this time. Scorch is the only brother Gary has, and he doesn't want to lose him.

Is there no one on Baab with the derring-do to help Scorch out of his ticklish terrestrial trouble? So in an uncharacteristic fit of heroism, Gary commandeers a ship, waves goodbye to his wife and son, and careens through the galaxy, heading to our very own super-perilous planet.

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