Ambiguous men dating

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College widens one’s view of the world, offering a myriad of classes, lectures, clubs and people to ultimately shape the perspective one chooses to take of not only him or herself, but also of life outside of college.

In addition to the academic and extracurricular, there is also a strong social scene in college. Drug and alcohol education have always been prominent among high schools and colleges: Fordham, for example, requires a drug and alcohol training course for incoming freshmen.

It’s an ambiguous courtship phase without clear rules or set boundaries.

“Talking” leaves you in a sort of relationship limbo that complicates matters tenfold and, most of the time, causes unanticipated pain for at least one of the parties involved. A girl might attempt to “talk” to several different men for a certain period of time, thinking that she has finally attained what women have always wanted — the opportunity to challenge the double standard and possess multiple guys on the side without being dubbed promiscuous.

The schools received enormous media coverage: Rolling Stone published the story of a rape victim at UVA, only to report about a week later that some of the facts that the victim claimed to have happened were questionable, while the story of Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz, who vowed to carry a mattress around campus as long as her rapist was still attended the school, received almost daily attention.

Another concerning, perhaps less well-known issue pertaining to sex are the blurred lines of “unwanted consensual sex”.

Neither of these late-night sessions blossomed into an actual relationship.

Rape scandals have tarnished the reputations of elite institutions like Columbia University and the University of Virginia (UVA).

Victims at both schools suffered emotional and mental repercussions, without even taking into account their concerns about their respective schools not offering enough assistance in bringing justice to their rapists, and in some cases, ignoring the problem altogether.

I’ll admit that I’ve flirted with the idea of dating multiple guys at once.

Near the end of my junior year, I spent what little down time I had texting back and forth between two boys.

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